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Fixed Bench Seating

Custom radius seating for Secrets Bar in Liverpool

For Secrets Bar (formerly Motif) in Liverpool, this was another custom furniture job we designed and built for Maureen the owner. The project included full circle radius booths, and half circle radius booths. Maureen gave me free reign to do what I thought best, so I went with different shapes on the backs and put some lights in too, and completed the look with chaise lounge chairs.

Restaurant seating – Landmark Indian Restaurant in Liverpool

For the Landmark Indian Restaurant in Liverpool, this was a big undertaking for our bespoke furniture team. It was an old pub that was transformed into a curry restaurant.

I spent a while designing the layout for fixed seating and booth seating, with additional different sized booths of seating. Radius seating does take up more floor space than square booths but the overall effect looks so much better. We did approx 300′ of seating in total and also supplied all of the tables and chairs.

Custom fixed bench seating for Handmade Burger Bar

For the Handmade Burger Bar we built half hexagon shaped seating from the plans provided by the client.

We then built the custom seating for the restaurant in our furniture workshop in Warrington, transported to site in Manchester and then installed. The overall effect of the bespoke furniture worked really well.

L Seating and and bench seating for Millys Sports bar in Liverpool

I have carried out numerous custom furniture jobs at Milly Sports bar. As the sports bar is upstairs and therefore not a great deal of space, I designed some custom bench seating and it worked out really well. I built a radius bench seat and ‘L’ shaped bays of seating, and some to seat 2 persons. I then padded the walls and columns in vinyl making it very easy to keep clean.

This required fixed and bench seating with padded upholstery, hard wearing for club use.

Circular custom seating, The Crown Plaza Hotel in Liverpool

After a visit I noticed the Crown Plaza in Liverpool had a huge plant pot in the centre of the lobby, with table and chairs arranged around it, I had the idea of putting a circular area of seating all the way round the plant pot, creating more seating and making the lobby look ‘tidier’.

I made a template of the plant pot and made the custom circular seating in our workshop, it looks really smart and made a great feature. This was a really enjoyable bespoke furniture seating project.

Removable bench seating install at the Blue Bar, Albert Docks in Liverpool

When I spoke to the owner on site at the Blue Bar, the fixed seating he had in place was not working for him as they do lots of parties at this venue, he wanted the option of removable bench seating so it could be moved around.
So after a discussion I came up with the idea of putting locking wheels on the seating so he could move the seating as and when was necessary for his needs. He now has the choice of where and how he can set out his seating, which has worked out really well.

Testimonial from the customer: “On deciding to refurbish our Bar and Lounge area we were pointed in the direction of AD Brown. From start to finish it was a pleasure to work with everyone involved. We had so many different ideas and they guided us to the finalised product. Helping us with designs and fabrics and making our business look absolutely stunning. Excellent quality and workmanship, they were crucial to the whole process and nothing was too much trouble. Would definitely recommend them. “

Fixed bench seating for restaurants and bars

This is a selection of different fixed bench seating for restaurants and bars we’ve undertaken over the past number of years.

These are bespoke fixed bench seating work examples and installations undertaken by the A D Brown Upholstery Ltd team. These are not studio mock-ups, the majority of these images have been taken directly on the customer’s site.

If you would like any further information about the type of furniture and upholstery installations we provide, please contact us or telephone 01925 299944.

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